Sid’s 14 Causes for 2017

Sid’s 14 Causes


Fourteen Causes I Need To Speak Out For and/or Against!
  1. The need for bicycle helmets.
  2. To try not letting President Trup ruin things I believe in.
  3. The importance of writing letters to the editor.
  4. The dangers of Monsanto chemicals in agriculture and what we eat.
  5. Support for all wildlife rehabilitation and the people who do it.
  6. More responsible use of water.  Two buckets and turn off the faucet.
  7. The dangers of Lipitor and other statins.
  8. What big pharma is doing to the health of America. Pediatric vaccines are one example.
  9. How being gluten free has improved my memory.
  10. Fighting to improve the incarceration billions and recidivism situation.
  11. What cell phones used in automobiles do to accident rates and also to family dinner tables.
  12. Preserving and spreading the ongoing power of Values Clarification.
  13. The dangers of negative criticism, in schools, writing groups, families and parenting.
  14. The preciousness of FAMILY, FAMILY REUNIONS, and the overall support within the extended family for each other.