Exploring Our Values Workshop

Columbus Day Weekend, October 10-12, 2014 Presented by Dr. Sidney B. Simon


Do You: 
…Feel confusion and conflict in the areas of money, love, time or recreation?
 …Wonder about your life choices?
…Search for more meaningful conections with the people in your life?

The key point to keep in mind about values is that clarifying them energizes everything concerned with  the decision. If you feel stuck, committing to and applying values releases fresh energies, which then attract success, achievement, and well-being.

 The Workshop will begin Friday night, with dinner, and end on Sunday, after lunch. Just like in the old days. I’ve been itchy to bring you an up-to-date Simon Workshop, and still include some of the very special things from former workshops, as well. Yes, there will be music, and there will be Saturday night of Skin Nourishment, and yes, there will Progoffian Writing, and trios, quartettes and one on one exercises.

I’m interested, these days, in several very, very important ideas.

1. Getting clear on what is really important?  What do I really, really want to spend my time and energy on in this crazy world surrounding us?  How do we resist the hustling trying to make us buy what we don’t have.

2. What is worth leaving as a legacy for the kids we still have some influence on?

3. What do we want to do with the rest of our lives that makes a difference?

4. I want to take a serious look at Systematic Suicide and Overall Wellness, looking at what we are doing to ourselves, and what to do about what we see in the other people we love?

5. And I would be open to some topics you would like us to address.

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