Valued Friends

Bear with us now. Features are being added and tested on the “Live” site.  Plans are to add a blog that will:

  • Examine areas such as your first Values Workshop and what it meant

  • Perhaps your Favorite Workshop and what it meant

  • Values strategies online that you can take part in

  • Favorite music and what workshop it was heard at

  • and the list can go on and on with your input

  • Copies of promotional material, song sheets, reviews, and anything we can find that has anything to do with values.

We are searching for our identity.  All things Values Clarification, Values Realization and all things Simon.  What exactly does that mean??? Any tidbit, piece of knowledge or history will find it’s way here to preserve and perhaps keep values alive forever.   

Some have asked why not do this on Facebook?   My answer right now is that I know several people who have withdrawn from Facebook because of damage done to their reputation by association with posts, trolls, and hijacked sites.

More details will be added to this page as soon as the construction smoke clears.

The site is being left up during the construction.  If you encounter a BLOG while this message is in place know that any registrations or data left will be deleted when the construction is finished. 



Simon Workshop 2017 – July 4th Week

Space is very limited
Experience tells us this will be a  SELLOUT!
You can register early and guarantee your seat.


July 14, 2016

I was reviewing some of the thousands of items that Sid has made available to include on his website today.  I noticed how music is an integral part of every workshop that was ever done.  This includes song sheets, copies of the songs, and song sheets.  I know that you can think back to workshops you attended and have a feeling of anamnesis when you see the name of a song that was played.  There might be a way to have mp3’s of some of the music placed in a secure directory available only to verified Simon alumni.

I’ll be writing all of my valued friends asking you to share memories and experiences of workshops gone by.


July 11, 2016

Right now I am working on adding some of the thousands of creative items I have from Dr. Simon.  They will be input this week.  

But how does a veteran to this site know what is new?   Perhaps items will be input in chronological order with the newest on top.  And, perhaps the date added to the site will be included in the heading.   

Simon Workshops Website Will Be Back Soon

We are working right now on giving Simon Workshops Website a new look and feel.

Your website host has gone back to the well for more training and education on all things WordPress.  

The site will be loaded with Sid SImon “assets” consisting of:

  • music

  • pictures

  • articles

  • videos

  • quotes

  • SIMONism’s

And, perhaps even a blog.

Come back soon!

Oh yes, someone asked me who is the proverbial “I” or “We” that I refer to on this website?

I am Dale Bennett.  I was first introduced to Values Clarification and Values Realization in 1986 and attended VRI, VRII and Trainers all during the summer of 1988 at Westfield University.  The we refers to me and the support I receive from Dr. Sidney B. Simon.  

We want to preserve Values Clarification, Values Realization and the work of Dr. Sidney B. Simon and everything that was so much a part of the lives of everyone who attended a workshop